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One Day Private Tour

One Day Private Tour

For those who want to know Portugal from a Resident perspective, our team created a tailored tour circuit for the most curious and adventurous. Discover neighbourhoods, activities, cultural life, practical advice, markets, comparing options and focusing on your personal interests in Portugal while we lead you through a memorable and exclusive private tour. Together with our Savvy Advisor, select beforehand the places and regions that you want to visit, travel at your own pace and according to your preferences to build your dream itinerary. 
Our team has a deep knowledge of the country and will be happy to execute your idea.


Bring with you

We advise you to wear comfortable footwear as there is usually a strong walking component, as well as a hat – Portugal is a sunny country. 
We provide a 50cl bottle of water to each participant but it’s always a good idea to bring your own.

Not Included

Tour duration

8 Hours w/ meal breaks

Tour capacity

2 participants

If you have any questions please reach out to us at


Taxes Included

Cancelation policy

To cancel your Private Tour, please contact us at least 3 days prior the scheduled date, otherwise no refund will be issued. We can always reschedule given your request is reasonable.

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Yes. Rental packages are pre-paid, service is only started after purchase of package on the website. Buying services a 20% down payment is required to start service and an advisory call must be booked for screening

Yes. We offer Free Clarifications Calls to discuss our services, package options, inclusions, limitations, and service details, including a walkthrough of our operations. In these calls will not answer technical advisory questions on topics such as: what visa to get, where to move to, what kind of property to get, opinion on properties and options, investment advice, etc. If you would like to get technical advice feel free to book an advisory call here:

Yes, We search the whole market, and do in person scouting and off market networking for our clients. But we can not guarantee we will find a match off market for each specific client.

We do not recommend doing this. In Portugal, the housing market is somewhat disorganized
with limited open houses. Trying to schedule visits on short notice relies heavily on luck and
the availability of the local representative. We suggest that rental services should be initiated 1 to 2 months before the planned start of contract. We recommend scheduling in person activities with your local representative with as much time ahead as possible as scheduling requests are answered by order of arrival.

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All call times are shown in Portugal Time (WET/GMT+0). Please add your location of interest in the 'Additional Information' box during checkout.