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Relocation Advisory Call w/ CEO

Relocation Advisory Call w/ CEO

Ever dreamt of moving to Portugal? Chat about your needs and aspirations with our CEO, Ana Caramujo! Our Relocation Advisory Call is the ideal way to address all your doubts and concerns about moving and Real Estate in Portugal. Even if you’re not planning to dive into things right away, the insights from Ana’s advice will give you a better idea of what to expect! Ana, our CEO and real estate expert in Portugal, will provide you with technical advice tailored to your situation. 
Feel free to prepare a list of questions, and check out some considerations below before our call. We’re here to make your move a breeze!

Call duration

45 minutes

Remote video call

Online Zoom Meeting

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Taxes Included

If you decide to purchase one of our rental or buying packages within 60 days of the call, the full call cost will be deducted from the package.

Ana Caramujo

CEO of Savvy Cat Realty

The Portuguese Real Estate market is a mess. There is barely any exclusivity, constant conflicts of interests, lack of training of agents, unethical behaviors, among other things. I hated this. I actually avoided real estate related professions due to all of the above. ​

​However, because my family has a long history in real estate investment, I ended up getting involved in it at a very young age. A lot of people came to me for real estate advice. ​

​One day, I heard the story of a British lady’s experience buying in Portugal. How hard it was when the main concern is not the location. How hard it was to find someone trustworthy.

Something clicked, I realized I could be the change I wanted to see!


Yes. Rental packages are pre-paid, service is only started after purchase of package on the website. Buying services a 20% down payment is required to start service and an advisory call must be booked for screening

Yes. We offer Free Clarifications Calls to discuss our services, package options, inclusions, limitations, and service details, including a walkthrough of our operations. In these calls will not answer technical advisory questions on topics such as: what visa to get, where to move to, what kind of property to get, opinion on properties and options, investment advice, etc. If you would like to get technical advice feel free to book an advisory call here:

Yes, We search the whole market, and do in person scouting and off market networking for our clients. But we can not guarantee we will find a match off market for each specific client.

We do not recommend doing this. In Portugal, the housing market is somewhat disorganized
with limited open houses. Trying to schedule visits on short notice relies heavily on luck and
the availability of the local representative. We suggest that rental services should be initiated 1 to 2 months before the planned start of contract. We recommend scheduling in person activities with your local representative with as much time ahead as possible as scheduling requests are answered by order of arrival.

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