Terms and Conditions

Data Processing

Savvy Cat Realty, under the firm WISDOM WHISPER, LDA, NIPC 515 163 775, stores data from our clients in order to inform them of opportunities to buy or rent a property, to provide administrative support during the process of buying property, to inform our clients of any promotions or marketing campaigns and to comply with legal obligations.

Customer data is obtained based on information received directly or indirectly from our clients and the documentation they provide. This information is collected by employees and representatives of Savvy Cat Realty or during the use of the website https://www.savvycatrealty.com. The data stored of each client can be consulted, exported, altered or eliminated by contacting Savvy Cat Realty employees.

Customer data has the sole purpose of granting deeds, contracts of promise of purchase and sale, and carrying out registration acts related to real estate, notaries, registry offices and similar official entities.

Customer data is kept for a period of 2 years from the last contact made with the client, except in cases where there are legal obligations that impose longer deadlines.

Customer data is processed electronically by our team. reach out to contact@savvycat.reaty.com for any request.

Each client may also, through contacting Savvy Cat Realty employees:

  • object to data processing;
  • limit such processing;
  • withdraw consent at any time, in which case it is not compromised the lawfulness of the treatment previously carried out;
  • request rectification, updating or deletion of data;
  • exercise the right to receive data concerning you and to transmit it to other data controllers.

Each client has the right to be informed of the occurrence of any breach of its personal data and to submit a complaint about the processing of your data to the competent control authority (CNPD).

Conditions of use of the website

Information made available on the website https://www.savvycatrealty.com may be viewed, copied, printed and distributed solely for non-commercial use, and provided that it contains the legal copyright notice in all copies. This information can also be used for the purpose of making a purchase order. The content of this website cannot be modified or reinterpreted in order to be protected by another copyright, patent, trademark or intellectual property registration that does not belong to Savvy Cat Realty.

The information made available on the website https://www.savvycatrealty.com is liable to sustain some technical inaccuracy or typographic error. Accordingly, Savvy Cat Realty is not responsible, in any way, for any direct, indirect, incidental or collateral damages resulting from visiting its pages, especially the loss of data or loss of income or other income that may exist and the disruption of business processes arising from the use or impossibility of using the information contained in this website. In addition to the aforementioned, Savvy Cat Realty is also not responsible for the contents of third-party websites that contain links to https://www.savvycatrealty.com and/or from https://www.savvycatrealty.com


All elements contained in the electronic address (website), specifically photos, texts, illustrations and other data are protected by law, under the Code of Copyright and Related Rights.

It is expressly forbidden to copy, reproduce and disseminate the aforementioned elements appearing on the website without express authorisation from Savvy Cat Realty, regardless of the means used for this purpose, with the exception of the right to quote under the law.

Commercial use of the elements contained on Savvy Cat Realty’s website is expressly prohibited, namely texts, photos, illustrations and other data.

Savvy Cat Realty reserves the right to take legal action against authors of any unauthorized copying, reproduction, dissemination or commercial exploitation of the elements contained on the website, namely texts, photos, illustrations and other data.

Fees/Reimbursements for Purchases and Sales

The fees for the service provided by Savvy Cat Realty can be consulted bellow.

The Client may, at any time of the duration of the contract, upon communication with his respective Savvy Cat Representative, request an “upgrade” of the chosen pack, paying the respective difference in values. Immediately after making the payment, the Client will start enjoying the conditions of the new chosen pack.

Likewise, the Client can request services not included in the chosen pack, being that such services will be billed separately under the Table of fees.

If the Client wishes, they may, under the terms of the aforementioned contract, request a refund of the amount paid for the chosen services/pack. The amounts corresponding to the services already provided during the term of the contract will be deducted to the amount paid.

At the same time, Savvy Cat Realty may terminate the contract when the Client does not fulfil their duties, such as providing the requested and necessary data to provide agreed services, disrespect Savvy Cat Realty’s employees, among others that jeopardize the professional relationship between the Client and Savvy Cat Realty.

Buying Services

The choice of buying services and/or packages to be provided by Savvy Cat Realty initially implies holding a video call with the Investment Managers.  In case of proceeding with our buying service packs, it implies the signing of a bilateral contract that encumbers both parties for a certain period of time, on an exclusive basis, under the terms of the mentioned Table.

Savvy Cat Realty undertakes to provide a quality service, under the terms established in the contract and Table of fees, the latter being attached to the first.

Lease Services

Services in the context of the leasing of Real Estate for residential purposes or commercial, only, are purchased directly on the website https://www.savvycatrealty.com. For this purpose, Savvy Cat Realty provides a series of packs in the Table.

Notwithstanding the choice of packs, the Client may request services not included in them, and they will be charged according to the Table.

If the Client wishes, they may request an “upgrade” of the chosen pack.

In these terms, if the same is carried out within the period of 90 days from the conclusion of the contract, such “upgrade” will not be charged. If completed within 180 days from signing of the contract, the value of the “upgrade” will be discounted by 50% of the value of the starter pack.

The provision of data for this purpose is the responsibility of the Client, being that it will be processed in accordance with Savvy Cat Realty’s privacy policy and used only for necessary purposes.

Given the current state of the rental market, Savvy Cat Realty is not responsible for any changes or withdrawals by the owner of the property whose lease is being negotiated. Likewise, neither is responsible for the termination of the business in progress by the landlord by virtue of the Client’s lack of (timely) cooperation with Savvy Cat Realty. 

If the Client so wishes, they may request a refund of the amount paid for the chosen services/pack. From the amount paid, it will be deducted the values of the services already provided until the date of the refund request.

This service is provided in accordance with the parameters designated by the Client, being that Savvy Cat Realty cannot guarantee that they will be fully complied with. In other words, Savvy Cat Realty will endeavour to find properties for lease that are closer to the Client’s requirements. In case they are presented with a series of properties (never less than 10) similar to the requirements of the customer, and none of them are accepted, Savvy Cat Realty reserves the right to cease providing the service.

Platinum Pack

This special pack includes all the services mentioned in the Table, including the process of the various visas to enter the country, except for the Golden Visa (ARI). The latter may be processed by our legal team or another Lawyer or solicitor of the Client’s choice. This pack also includes support in obtaining European residence certificates and residence permits.

For the purpose of support in obtaining visas, European certificates and residence included in said pack, Savvy Cat Realty will endeavour to obtain all relevant documentation through its legal team from all competent authorities, including appointments at the respective entities, Tax identification numbers, among others.

Legal Support

The legal issues and the exclusive competence of Lawyers included in the packs of services offered by Savvy Cat Realty are processed by the legal team, constituted by Lawyer(s) with whom Savvy Cat Realty has professional relations, with proper professional training & licence.

Savvy Cat Realty Working Hours

From Mondays to Fridays, from 9 am to 6 pm

Savvy Cat Realty guarantees responses to inquiries and other matters within the aforementioned work schedule.

Exceptionally, and only by agreement between the Representative and the Client, due to the urgency of the matter and when strictly necessary, the Representative may carry out the due diligence outside working hours.

Savvy Cat Realty is not responsible for the lack of response to inquiries or other matters outside working hours, with the caveat of the previous paragraph.

Savvy Cat Realty has a policy of responding to inquiries and other communications up to 2 business days with the exception of confirmation and initial pack processing which must be carried out within 3 working days of dispatch.

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